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Captain Jeffrey Sanders (see can be called a pioneer in the field of Captain’s training. In 1987 he opened his first school in Honolulu Hawaii. He later expanded his school and relocated to Puget Sound.  In 1995 Captain Sanders was among the first instructors in the country to receive approval from the United States Coast Guard to teach and administer USCG examinations.


For the next several years Capt Sanders spent his time researching and writing classroom curriculum in accordance with USCG requirements. He has written and published a series of text books and workbooks currently in use at all USMA schools.  In 2003 his text books and examinations were approved by the National Maritime Center/Department of Homeland Security.  In addition to teaching and qualifying students to become licensed captains, Captain Sanders reviews the course curriculum in order to stay current with the ever changing maritime climate.

In 2006 Captain Sanders taught a class in Chicago, Illinois.  His intention, in addition to teaching new captains, was to find qualified instructors to open a school.  Captain Al Grigalunas and Captain Fred Swastek stepped forward to take on the challenge.  Both captains bring passion, enthusiasm and experience steeped in adult education as well as a love of sailing. (See Bio’s)

The basic philosophy of USMA Chicago is to provide quality, first class education for those interested in the pursuit of excellence in the marine environment.  US Maritime Academy and USMA Chicago has the distinction of being “the benchmark in Captain’s training  

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