About US Maritime Academy Chicago

The US Maritime Academy is "the benchmark" in U.S. Coast Guard approved Captains License training. Our 80-hour Captains class covers everything you need to know to get your license in a way that helps you retain what you have learned. We are not a weekend cram course. The Master 100 ton Captains Class prepares you to be an informed, safety conscious, and law abiding marine officer. The United States Maritime Academy motto is:

“Know where you are.”
“Keep your boat afloat.”
“Don’t hurt anybody.”

That motto is reflected in the curriculum which covers: navigation, chart reading, and the use of published navigation reference books. It also covers the rules governing the waters, including International, Inland, Great Lakes, and Western Rivers. Finally, in the General section, we teach Boat Handling, Maintenance, Safety, Lifesaving Equipment, Stability, Weather, Marlinespike, Towing, Pollution, and Code of Federal Regulations.

We also offer endorsements for Sailing and Commercial Assistance Towing.

The best part is, we give our own U.S. Coast Guard approved tests and there is no need to travel all the way to Toledo or St. Louis Regional Examination Centers to take the tests. If you get your training from a prep course you have the added expense of traveling and paying the Coast Guard a testing fee. Upon completion, we also assist you in filling out your application so that your paperwork goes through without a hitch.

US Maritime Academy Chicago is a local company and always here to assist you in getting your license.

More than 1,200 satisfied graduates!